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    Java 6 HttpURLConnection SPNEGO support

      I am trying to access a protected resource from a server that is setup for SPNEGO authentication.
      On the client side I am logged on to the same domain and did all the required setup (at least I think so)
      for getting the identity and tickets from the Windows cache.

      When I access the resource from Internet Explorer everything works fine but when I try to access it
      from Java 6 HttpURLConnection I still get HTTP 401 error although Java 6 HttpURLConnection should support SPNEGO.

      If I attach by myself the "Negotiate..." header with the token that I build by myself I get the resource and HTTP 200
      although I receive also a Negotiate header with a token of type 96 that I cannot pass it to initSecContext as stated
      in SPNEGO RFC that I should do.

      I have two questions:

      1. What should I do in order to use the built in SPNEGO support in Java 6 for HttpURLConnection when working
      with tickets from Windows cache ?

      2. What could be the reason that I receive on the last authentication leg on HTTP 200 a token that is not of type
      context but application (value = 96) and cannot be used for fininshing the security context establishment ?