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    java me sdk application icon

      I installed java me sdk 3.0.5 on windows 7 exactly as shown in tutorials (already have the required softwares).
      When I go to "All Programs" from start menu to launch the application, I just don't find the icon. I only find: (documentation, uninstall, update center).
      I even tried searching the folder where the software is located in my machine but didn't find any.
      Now I don't know how to launch and use java me platform with an interface

      Thanks in advance
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          I had the same problem...I finally noticed that in the video tutorial they use J2ME SDK 3.0
          Lint to download it:

          If you are in windows 64 bits, you have to use JDK 32 bits because with JDK 64 bits you will have a problem,
          Link to download it:

          Download QuickTime also:

          Good luck

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