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    VMware View with Sun Ray 2FS sessions to a Windows 2008 R2 Server

      We are standing up an environment in which Sun Ray 2FS thin clients attached to Sun Ray Software Server (SRSS).

      We want to establish sessions through the VMware View Manager to 2FS appliances and perform Smart card logon (SCL) to a Windows 2008 R2 Server.

      1.     We use the Oracle Sun Ray Administration tool to manage the connections and run in Kiosk Mode.

      2.     The Session type is: “VMware View Manager Session”

      3.     The general Properties for Kiosk mode are the defaults save the Arguments field which includes the uttsc argument to enable Smart card redirection from the client to the server (-r scard:on) and the IP address of target node.

      4.     The SRSS version is 5.2.3

      5.     VMware View version is 5.0

      I’ve found a VMware View Client Compatibility Guide from 2010 that lists the Oracle Sun Ray 2FS as being certified for either View 4.0 and View 4.5 and that it is compatible with View 5.0.

      Is there a certified (or compatible) Sun Ray connector for VMware View Manager 5.0?

      We realize this is a Yes/No question.

      However, on the off chance that the answer is “Yes” a pointer to said software would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks.