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    planned support for gcc __attribute__ regparm?

      I'm trying to find out if there are any plans to add support for the gcc "regparm" attribute to the Studio toolchain. I know that many other gcc-isms, including quite a few __attribute__ statements, have been added in recent releases. I think that easing compatibility with gcc and (especially) g++ is a worthy goal and I'm very happy with the efforts so far.

      The reason I'm asking about regparm is that it's critical to building libffi , the foreign function interface. libffi is now a dependency for a slew of projects, notably glib >= 2.30 and gobject-introspection for older glib releases. Python and several of its modules also have dependencies on libffi. As it stands right now, it's no longer possible to build glib with Studio, at least if you're building in x86_64 mode.

      It would potentially be possible to make libffi work without regparm, but it would require a deep understanding of mixing C and assembly. Barring support for regparm, have any of the Oracle-internal assembly experts looked at the assembly that would be needed to build libffi without __attribute__((regparm)) support?

      Thanks much,