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    open discoverer report in new browser window and without connections page

      Hi All,

      We are using Oracle 11g Discoverer  Requirement is to open the discoverer report in a new browser window and without connections page.
      When we are running discoverer reports with this parameters we unwantedly get the connections page of the discoverer plus which we don't want.
      Went through the documentation given in this page and followed it still the issue persists, and i see couple of threads with my issue and no updates.

      This excerpt is from the documentation available in the link

      " _plus_popup=true and framedisplaystyle=embedded launches Discoverer Plus in a new pop-up browser window that contains the Plus applet embedded in it "


      and Here is what we use to invoke our reports.


      Request the forum users from PRO discoverer group to help me out of this issue and expect a good discussion on this.

      Thanks in advance