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    OFSAAI 7.2 Installation on Linux X86-64 Failing at ./setup.sh GUI

    Raghu V-Oracle
      We are trying to install OFSAA 7.2 infrastructure on the following configuration with single tier architecture with every thing installed on one server.

      OS:                     Red Hat Linux server release 5.3
      Infrastructure Database:      Oracle Database Server 11g R2 – 64 Bit
                          Sun JRE standard Edition 1.6.0_24 64 bit
                          Sun JDK Standard Edition 1.6.0_24 64 Bit
      Infrastructure Web Server:     Weblogic 10.3.5 pointing to JDK Standard Edition 1.6.0_24 64 bit

      The Database and Weblogic Servers are up and running successfully. We are following “Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure Installation Manual 7.2”(Install Manual.pdf) to install the infrastructure for OFSAA – ALM 5.2.2 Module. The Installable is downloaded from Edelivery with options of Oracle Financial Service Products – Linux X86-64.

      The following activities have been completed:
      1. Java JDK/JRE installed
      2. Database Server Installed
      3. Weblogic installed.
      4. Weblogic Domain being configured for Administration Server settings.
      5. .profile was not there initially. It was created taking bash_profile as the source. And it is placed in root and is executed.

      We have done the preconfiguration steps. After the creation of XML, we have tried running the ./setup.sh both in GUI and SILENT mode, but we are facing the error as shown in the screenshot.

      Error: ./Setup.sh: syntax error at line 7: 'elif' unexpected.

      Please let us know if we are missing any step or if there is an issue with the installable.