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    Finding and Forcing a BCC Snapshot

      Anyone who has worked with the BCC has experienced the dreaded "snapshot mismatch" error when deploying a project or performing a full deployment in the BCC. Below is a description of how to find the latest snapshot if you come across this issue and force it on the correct BCC target. I have a full Word document with example screen shots, if interested. Contact me (Chuck Boucher) and I'll forward it to you. For now, here is the text description:

      From time to time, you are forced to do a Critical Reset in the BCC due to some error in deployment. Often when a Critical Reset is performed, the Installed Snapshot for some or all of the agents for that target is removed, leaving the target in an uninitialized state. To correct this, you can either do a full deployment, which may be the best thing to do, or you can force the last good snapshot on the target. The following is how to find that snapshot and force it on a target. This condition can also occur if one of your agents goes down in the middle of a deployment.

      Finding the Correct Snapshot

      In the BCC's dyn/admin:

      1)     Navigate to +/atg/epub/PublishingRepository+ in the Component Browser and click on "*+List all items+*" next to the targetDef* Item Descriptor to find target # for the target you need to restore the snapshot on.

           A listing of the targets will appear below the Item Descriptor listing table.

           Note, there will be 2 for each target. One will be a surrogate for the other. You are looking for the one is indicated with "surrogateFor=null*" (They will start with tar [tar23, tar24, etc...])

      2)     Navigate to *+/atg/epub/version/VersionManagerRepository+* in the Component Browser and click "*List all items*" next to the *+snapshot+* Item Descriptor to find the snapshot number for the above target number.

           A listing of the completed snapshots will appear below the Item Descriptor listing table.

           *Note, you are looking for the highest snapshot number for the given target

      *Forcing the Correct Snapshot*

      1)     Navigate to *+/atg/epub/DeploymentServer*+ in the Component Browser and insert the noted snapshot ID from above into the box next to "*Force snapshot ID*" for the target you wish to correct and click the "*Init*" button.

      2)     Once you have forced the snapshot, validate that all agents for the target have the snapshot you just forced in the BCC: *+Content Administration > Admin Console > Overview (left nav) > [TARGET NAME] > Agents tab > Overview+* link just above the Agent Name listing. The snapshot is listed in the "*Installed Snapshot*" column.

      3)     Likewise, validate that all agents have the same Live Datastore Name (Same location as step 4, Switchable Datastores link just above the Agent Name listing.)

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          If you know which project last deployed successfully to your target, there is an easier way to get the correct snapshot ID:


          1. Go to the project's History tab to find the ID of the last deployment to the affected target. It will look something like this:

            Date: Aug 20, 2013 2:47 PM
            Action: system

            Deployment '21600092' to Target 'Staging' completed successfully.

          2. In Dynamo Administration on the BCC instance, go to /dyn/admin/nucleus/atg/deployment/DeploymentRepository/ and run the following XML tag on the repository:

            <print-item item-descriptor="deployment" id="21600092"/>

          3. The Results will give you a printout of all the attributes of the deployment. Look for the "To Snapshot Id" value in the "deploymentOptions" property. It will look something like this:
            ------ Printing item with id: 21600092
            <add-item item-descriptor="deployment" id="21600092">
              <set-property name="deploymentData"><![CDATA[dd346987,dd346988,dd346989,dd346990,dd346991,dd346992,dd346993,dd346994,dd346995,dd346996]]></set-property>
              <set-property name="deploymentOptions"><![CDATA[deploymentStartTime=1377031640683,To Snapshot Id=35827,Deployment Apply Phase=Apply Phase Value One,From Snapshot Id=35827,clusterId=manage
          4. Copy that snapshot Id and force it on the target as specified by OP above!