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    Material resource definition.

      How can I define a material resource, which is used as fixed quantity withing an activity?
      That's the point: I have a material, which is used in fixed quantity in one activity. How do avoid Primavera calculates 1 unit for each day of the activity?
      Thanks for this solution.
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          Hi there,

          First, in the "general" tab change the "duration type" for the activity to be either "fixed duration and units" or "fixed units". Then add the resource and put your fixed quantity in the "budgeted units" field.

          Tip: choose "fixed duration and units" if the activity is task depentant, and "fixed units" if the activity is resource dependant.

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            Thanks very much for your reply. I will try this solution and write about it efficacy.
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              I read your post and maybe you can clarify me on this: Is it mandatory that you create the activity, set up the duration type to "fixed units" and then add the resource. Or you can change the duration type no matter the resources already assigned to the activity?

              We are still in planning phase so all the activities have 0% complete.

              thanks in advance.