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    Is SQL-Net (OCI) PCI Compliant?

      h3. PCI and SQL-Net/OCI
      We have a number of two-tier applications written in PowerBuilder 9 that are using the [Oracle] native drivers (SQL-Net/OCI) to communicate with our 11.2 Oracle database. Are transactions captured via PowerBuilder and then sent via SQL-Net to Oracle considered "secure"? In other words, is it encrypted? If so, how is it encrypted? Can it be?

      What options exists to "secure" these transactions from the Oracle side?

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          Hi Jason i think that Oracle Forum make secure transactions because it work in the same way as credit cards .

          I work with bank transactions and i can tell you that is very sure :)

          Compliance is written by lawyers for lawyers it takes a fair amount of translation to get it to the point where IT can understand what processes , policies, and configuration to implement to meet the requirements for a given compliance spec .

          I think that ransactions are encrypted with numbers ( 0,1 ) but i'm not sure of this .

          Hope to be of help :)