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    iProcurement Shopping Cart Extend PORequistionLinesVO - strange behavior?


      We are in EBS 12.1.1 and I am using jDev

      The request is to customize the iProcurement Shopping cart. When an item is entered they want a new field to display the replacement item if it's discontinued. I extended vo PORequisitionLinesVO to add an attribute which refers to my PLSQL package function and returns the value or a default value, but it always returns something. Everything is fine but for one thing:

      When I first create a non-catalog request and submit a requisition i have the option to continue shopping, which I do by clicking on the button and reenter another requisition, but when I add to cart that second item requisition, it's as if my extended VO does not reset itself and my newly extended field is empty/blank...? But I assure you that the package does return something because if I click on the Shop tab and return to the iProc home page and reclick on the shopping cart link, I see the replacement item extended item value???? How come it disapears? This problem cause me trouble/errors if I want to extend the controller in the same page and do some validations on that field, like for example hide/display the checkout button....

      I tried via controller to do vo.executequery, vo.reset....nothing works... What can i do?

      Is it because the VO is sourced from an Entity object? Do I have to extend the EO too?




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          Just to let you know that I found a way to do the request.

          Got rid of the VO Extension, used field attribute instead. I used the POR_CUSTOM_PKG package to populate it instead. Workfs perfectly. What I don't seem to fully understand is how exactly the iProcurement Shopping cart works exactly.... From what I can understand, there seems to be a cookie that register our items in the cart, but when I complete at least 1 requisition, the attributes values of the VO are not populated from the database, it seems like it still wants to refer to the cookie's value? Which are probably blank due to the prior completion of the last requisition.... But It's only an assumption. Maybe someone can confirm?