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    Workflow not working


      The scenario is that the Credit manager name is filled in the CRM system by Integration. I have to create the email for this manager in 'Account' object based on the email id of the 'User' object's email id. Though I am giving the workflow condition as [<stCredit_Manager_ITAG>] IS NOT NULL AND JoinFieldValue('<Account>',[<AccountId>],'<stCredit_Manager_ITAG>') JoinFieldValue('<User>',UserValue('<UserId>'),'<Alias>') where stCredit_Manager_ITAG is Credit Manager field and creating the action field update with JoinFieldValue('<User>',UserValue('<UserId>'),'<EMailAddr>') it is populating the email field with my email id. Can anyone suggest whether it is possible to create email in the 'Account' object? It would be great help.
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          I think you have the wrong forum for this question. This forum is contained to questions about Contact On Demand. Please repost your question under the CRM OnDemand forum and you should have better luck.

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            Looks like you have a few issues to resolve.

            1. JoinFieldValue can be used with the Object Row Id values only. You can't look up for an User in the User Object based on the Alias field
            2. UserValue is a function which always returns the Logged in User. You may need to get the right Id for the lookup (Probably PrimaryOwnerId, OwnerId etc)

            You need to make the following changes to address your requierment.

            1. Try to get the Credit Manager Row Id
            2. By using the JoinFieldValue function on the Account Object, get the Credit Manager Row Id
            3. After #2, you have the User Row Id. User another JoinFieldValue function to get the Email address from the User Object based on the Credit Manager Row Id

            Hope this helps

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