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    Oracle VM interface / bond setup with OEM12c bare metal prov.

      Not a question - just thought I would share something...

      When you install Oracle VM 3.0.x via the CD in the usual way, you are prompted to select the management/dom0 interface (for example, eth0) - next you are then asked to enter the IP for this interface.

      After the install is done, the default behaviour of Oracle VM is to create a bond 'bond0' Interface / network - with the MAC/IP interface details you previously assigned to eth0 for the management / dom0 interface

      ** however **

      When doing the bare metal provisioning with OEM12c, if you just set the network interface up as 'eth0' and hope that the installer will do the rest - when your OVM server boots up after the install - you'll be greeted with bond0 errors.

      So it appears to us that you need to instead select the type of interface 'bond / slave' in OEM 12c bare metal provisioning deployment and set the MAC address of your eth0 that you are booting off and setting as your dom0 interface.

      If you do this - when OVM completes boot for the first time and you go alt-F2 to get the list of NICs / interfaces, you will see bond0 is listed with the MAC of your eth0 and holding the IP.

      Not sure if this is the correct method - but it appears to produce the right results!