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    OTM Set Password takes very long on Server 2008

      i did create a simple sript which connect to an application.
      For that i need a user id and a password.
      I have OpenScript on my Client and as well on the Server, i share the repository.

      If i run the script on my client here the result:
      SetPassword textBox("@id='password'") xxxxxxx   0.344
      and if i run the same script* direct on the Server here the result:
      SetPassword textBox("@id='password'") xxxxxxx     31.999

      you can see a difference ~31.5 sec. i have no idea why this happens?
      I belife that's also a reason why i got timeouts on my agent, when run this script and disconnected.
      Is there a setting to speed up this process or is there a setting in the IE to speed up.

      Btw. the server is a VM and has a good environment
      2 CPU (@2.21 GHz) and 4GByte (Server 2008),
      when running the script CPU ~50% and Memory is ~2.05GB so looks normal
      without script CPU 4% and 1.92 GByte

      my client has
      2 CPU (@2.40GHz) and 3 GByte (WIN XP)
      when running the script CPU ~90% and Memory is ~1.10 GB
      without script CPU 60% and 0.996 GByte

      ok, as on the server run ORACLE XE and the Agent, it migth be slower, but ~100 times, i don't think so

      Thanx in advance
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          Nothing related to Oracle XE because it's purely script execution and I guess nothing related to HW power...
          Most likely due to object identification.

          Is that the same version of the web browser?
          Can you share the script or at least share the steps before & after and maybe the report?
          What is the application technology?
          How do you launch the script? From OTM or manually or command line?
          Is the auto-complete feature on or off on your machines?
          Have you tried manually (i mean not from openscript) to run the scenario from the server?
          How are you connected to your VM? Do you leave the session opened?
          How do you perform the test?

          Lot of questions I know but not easy to give you an answer....
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            Dear Jean-Baptiste,
            yes a lot of questions, but i need help and have to deliver first answeres ;-)

            Unfortunately the IE version on Client is 8.0 and on Server it's 7.0.x.

            I start the script direct (manually, pressing the run button) out of the OpenScript Tester (perspective)
            I try to run it when disconnected but sometimes failed and here i recognize the first time this long time usage ?

            So for this performance investiagtion i decide to allways connected (Remote Desktop Connection) to the server, to see what happens on the sever desktop!
            And clearly the IE start normal the userID is entered direct after that but before jump to Pwd Textfiled it takes and takes and .....

            I have installed for testing OpenScript on my client and on the server, the repository is on an share on the server.
            So i use exact the same script for my test on server i did disable the whole IE security settings , on client not company rules disdallow this on production machines.
            However disable security settings on server, no changes !

            Now the script part which make the trouble,
            after wait +30 sec. and enter the pwd the script run on both (server/client) very fast ?

            "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='about:blank']")
            web.window(4, "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='OSIRIS']")
                 "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='OSIRIS']/web:document[@index='0']" +
                 "/web:form[@name='loginForm']" +
                 "/web:input_text[@id='login' and @name='login']")
                 "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='OSIRIS']/web:document[@index='0']" +
                 "/web:form[@name='loginForm']" +
                 "/web:input_password[@id='password' and @name='password']")
                 "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='OSIRIS']/web:document[@index='0']" +
                 "/web:form[@name='loginForm']" +
                 "/web:input_password[@id='password' and @name='password']")
            -- This takes 32 sec. ??

            Here i try to enter the pwd direct, so i use instead .setPassword(deobfuscate("XXXXXXXXXXXXX")); for testing .setPassword("XXXXXXXXXXXXX");+
            unfortunately this did not help ! I thougth the deobfuscate takes the time+

                 "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='OSIRIS']/web:document[@index='0']/web:form[@name='loginForm' or @index='0']/web:button[@name='ok' or @value='<DIV class=b1 Oracle_OS_WebDOM_ElementID=&quot;True&quot;>\r\n<DIV class=b2 Oracle_OS_WebDOM_ElementID=&quot;True&quot;>\r\n<DIV class=b3 Oracle_OS_WebDOM_ElementID=&quot;True&quot;>Validate</DIV></DIV></DIV>' or @index='0']")

            Hope my answeres helpfull
            and thanx for your feedback

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              meanwhile i did some more investigation!

              I also use another script connecting to an application which use different technology behind
              and also here the pwd entry stop the script and create an delay!

              I have an systemacount where the OTM_Agent run,
              so i was able to connect using my personal account on the same machine!

              I start processexplorer and here i see following effect:

              The TCP connection to the application machine is established as soon as the script start* on port 62935 & 62936,
              however as soon as the pwd entry is requested the status state is changed to close wait.
              Then when the script goes on, the TCP port has changed for that machine* to 62938 & 62939.

              Which tell me inbetween an established connection refresh, this happens always when run the script ?

              Here i am lost as i am not an Server Expert maybe there exists a possibility to keep an existing connection and avoid this effect but....
              I assume now. this Testserver is is restricted to our local Intranet !
              And i hardly belife my performance issue is related to security settings on our testservers.

              never the less maybe my assumption is wrong and someone here can put some ligth in my life ;-)

              thanx in advance
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                well i have no real idea :-(
                You told us it only happens on the setPassword, right?
                Have you tried to take a look if there is a Javascript on the login page, generating some specific codes/whatever?
                Is there any integration with ldap/sso?

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                  Hello Jean-Baptiste,
                  thanx for fedback, i did spend some very deep invetsigation.
                  Check IP Routing, TCIP setting etc.....

                  Your idea about sso/ldap.
                  Yes all this exists for both applications,
                  however SSO disabled for application to test and LDAP happens later in the database,
                  and also the same on my client but here no issue !

                  After all my investigation, i am very convinced the problem is related to the test server.
                  Our global infrastructure team having some strcit settings for test server and here i wont play to muuch and to deep with network settings,
                  there i need an IS Serveradministrator or someone who really knows behind our network and alternate DNS-Server

                  Never the less i still investigate here and try to find a way ;-)

                  thanx for all your input here
                  have a nice day