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    Problem using Smartlist

      Hi ,

      I am using EPM 11.1.2 and trying to use samrtlist in Planning webform

      When I am trying to attach samrtlist in column with Sub Product Dimension member it is not showing in webform.

      But when I am using that with account member in Row then it is working. but i need to work with both.

      Please help me as i also tried evaluation order but at a time it is working only for one Dim.

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          Hari Ram

          If I understand the situation correctly, u

          1. You are trying to arrange products in columns in rows.
          2. Few member of both account and product members are tagged as smartlist.
          3. You are trying to select a value for product member using the smartlist

          Option 1 : Since the evaluation order may not help you in this case, the only option that I could think of is to have another data-form for smart-list type of products with products in the row.

          Option 2 : set the evaluation order to list product first. Update the product with smart list value, save it. Then change the evaluation order to accounts and start updating the accounts member with smarlist value

          Do reply with your experience or if you find a solution !

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            Thanks for reply.

            I tried second option but it is not working.

            At a time it is working for only one Dimension members (for accounts or subproduct).

            But I want to use smartlist with both in different webforms.

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              Are members in both account and product dimension tagged as smartlist member types with correct smartlist?