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    NullPointerException with rollback transaction

      Hi guys,

      i work with jdeveloper

      I have 1 master-detail updateable View based on 2 entities (one for the master, one the detail)

      There are present in the same time on a jsff page.

      I drop the rollback built-in method action of the corresponding AM on the bindings of the page :

      <action id="rollbackMonEquipe" InstanceName="MonEquipeDataControl"
      DataControl="MonEquipeDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="false"

      Then in a backingBean i call it and execute it :

      public void unsaveChanges(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

      /* On annule les modifications */

      ELHelper is an utility class to get bindings (it works)...

      I have a NullPointerException with message = null

      Anybody encounters with case?... NullPointerException on rollback built-in method use..

      A solution even a workaround will help,