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    how to see http response from an axis web service call (Eclipse)


      I would like to see the raw http response which is returned from web service calls. I have a dynamic web project in Eclipse which uses a local instance of Tomcat 6. I'm using all of the default setting for a top-down web service generated from a WSDL file. I've generated the client using the built-in "generate client" using default settings.

      I've tried using the Eclipse plugin TCP/IP monitor and apache's TCPMON, but I am only able to see the http request, not the http response returned from the web server I am querying.

      I've seen some sparse documentation outlining how to use logging handlers and a client-config.wsdd file, but I haven't been able to get that working.

      So to recap, I'm looking for a way to view raw http responses using a web service client and server generated from a WSDL file in eclipse. I don't mind creating a new project using different code-generating libraries if someone has an easy way to do this using a different configuration.

      Thanks very much,