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    APEX Export of static files from repository

      When exporting static files from the apex repository, the js files are getting corrupted.

      When i mean corrupted it seems to have appended snippets of js code from other files to the bottom the js file.
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          That's correct, reason is that wwv_flow_image_api.g_varchar2_table doesn't get cleaned up when importing several files at once.
          You may want to export static files one by one, but then a comma in the generated export code is missing here:

          p_flow_id=> nvl(wwv_flow.g_flow_id, 0) <= missing comma
          p_notes=> '');

          To solve this issue, add

          => wwv_flow_image_api.g_varchar2_table.delete; <=
          wwv_flow_api.g_varchar2_table := wwv_flow_api.empty_varchar2_table;

          before the base64-content gets loaded into the variable.

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