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    Portlets on Pages?


      Is there a way to know if portlets are in use (i.e. on pages)?

      We have a bunch of portlets that might need to be deleted, but I am unsure if they are on pages or not. Or just sitting in Admin folders.


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          Mike Headley-Oracle
          You can check PTPAGEGADGETS to see if a particular portlet ID is referenced by a page. Also, before you delete the portlet, you may want to go into the web service and on the Main Settings page disable the portlet with a message that it will be deleted, as well as where to contact you if someone still uses it and wishes to keep it around.
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            I use the following query to see what portlets are where:

            Use [PlumDB]
            SELECT communities.NAME AS COMMUNITYNAME, pages.NAME AS PAGENAME, gadgets.NAME AS PortletName
            FROM PTPAGEGADGETS pagegadgets LEFT JOIN PTPAGES pages ON pagegadgets.PAGEID=pages.OBJECTID INNER JOIN PTGADGETS gadgets ON pagegadgets.GADGETID=gadgets.OBJECTID INNER JOIN PTCOMMUNITIES communities ON pages.FOLDERID = communities.FOLDERID
            ORDER BY communities.NAME, pages.NAME ASC,gadgets.name asc

            Hope this helps!