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    maximum number of slots per job

      I would like to limit the number of slots per job, not the overall number of slots, when users request PE (parallel envs).
      Can the GE do this?

      In fact, what I want is to create a small and a large parallel environment, like mpi_small and mpi_large, and limit (let's say),

      mpi_small to 32 slots/job
      mpi_large to 256 slots/job

      There is no option to specify a complex resource in the PE definition, and I see no way to create a dynamic complex resource that will hold the requested number of pe slots, and use it as a limit.

      If I could set, let's say granted_pe_slots, in the complex (as listed qconf -sc), to be set to the granted slots for parallel jobs, then I could use limits in the rqs

      limit {mpi_small} to granted_pe_slots=32
      limit {mpi_large} to granted_pe_slots=256

      and a submission to '-pe mpi-* N' would go to the right queue, depending on N, if one queue allow mpi_small and an other mpi_large.

      Any suggestions? Thanks,
      Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA.