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    can't seem to select or purge drop object from the dba_recyclebin

      hi guys,

      as illustrated below:
      SQL> select droptime, type, object_name,ORIGINAL_NAME from dba_recyclebin;
      DROPTIME            TYPE                      OBJECT_NAME                    ORIGINAL_NAME
      ------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------------ -----------------------
      2012-02-01:11:31:40 INDEX                     BIN$oDYJzGWyTu2s+Ak7+2ZnwQ==$0 SYS_C007028
      2012-02-01:11:09:16 TABLE                     BIN$u0ri/NQiSdOXzztp2kbK5Q==$0 ORDERS
      2012-02-01:11:31:40 TABLE                     BIN$1g1eEwUqRcu9rlKvLMKd5Q==$0 TEST
      2012-02-01:11:09:16 INDEX                     BIN$tY/bcJiISfCi9fgyUGmXsg==$0 SYS_C007026
      SQL> select * from "BIN$1g1eEwUqRcu9rlKvLMKd5Q==$0";
      select * from "BIN$1g1eEwUqRcu9rlKvLMKd5Q==$0"
      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-00942: table or view does not exist