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    Finally Fixed! Oracle 11g XE 'Get Started' Page (but it won't start) Error


      I've been looking for days on these posts and saw a lot of frustration and finally got it.

      I'm coming from your 'average guy' approach, so I don't get all super technical stuff, so...

      I just read the message on my IE explore page when it couldn't load it, and under 'More Information' drop down, it said...

      (my paraphrase)

      'The possible problem with your internet connection is'
      ...(and somewhere down the line)

      - GO TO Internet Explorer TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, ADVANCED TAB, and under the SECURITY heading, make sure the...
      [X] SSL 2.0
      [X] SSL 3.0
      [X] TSL 1.0 boxes are checked

      And I saw the Home page--AHH HAAAA!

      Anyway, Hope this helps you guys!!!

      Don's 3D