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    SUN T5120

      We lost Ilom via the 'u-boot erase all' command.
      How can we recover ilom ?
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          It's not exactly your system, but read:

          What reason do 'u-boot erase all' ?

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            Thanks for your answer.
            We got a T5120 server for lab purpose (end of support), but the ILOM password was not known.
            At the moment nobody can tell me howto startup the ILOM software from the beginning with the initial password 'changeme'.

            Can you answer this question?
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              To reset a lost ILOM password on a T5120, you need to put a jumper to connect pins 1 and 2 of J6801 on the motherboard. The J6801 you want is near the very back, middle of the jumper card right next to where the middle PCIe card would go. I've had to do this several times.
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                u-boot erase all command removes the ILOM software.
                The u-boot should still work and via a tftp server we can load the ILom software again.

                After the "erase all" command, I don't get a reaction on the serial  console. I suppose the serial parameters are changed?
                I shall start the procedure from the info you send me.