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    Application configuration export?

      Does anyone know of a way to export all the applications under a given hosted application server?

      Using the tarantella script command I can import a large batch of applications with all the configuration I need, but I cant find (or have hastily overlooked) a way to export all the application information in similar format from the sgd server.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          There is no single command that does what you want. You could write a script to list the contents of the applications organization and then list the attributes of each member, elimininating applications that are not hosted on the application server. Alternatively, you could access the information through web service interfaces, but the data might not be in the format/style you want.

          What do you want the data for?
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            Just needed the information for easy export into batch script form to configure new sgd servers. Thought I could do it with a tarantella object list_attributes or list_contents but if you can I haven't figured it out yet.
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              Have you thought about joining the new SGD server into an array with the one that has the applications/application servers, letting the nodes synchronise (5-10 minutes) and then detaching the new SGD server? You would get replication of the applications/application servers for free.