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    how to start java card development?

      Good Evening all,

      I am novice for java card development , from last some days I study java card and terms related to it, now i have some knowledge about applets , and API. as i read about java card 2 and 3, I think i moved to java card 2 that's why i download jcdk 2.1.

      Now i want to do something in development rather than further conceptual study. Frankly speaking I m confused where to move because different sites have different point of view so i want to execute my knowledge which i earned from last some days...
      so I want to ask
      1- which IDE would be best for java card development? { eclipse or net beans or something other}
      2- what things i would be require during java card application?{ java sdk version? jcdk version? ocf? or what}
      3- at start i want to use simulation technique to test what i made and how its work, so for this which tool or IDE would be best work for me,
      so kindly request you to guide me and show me the path where i can move and achieve what i want..
      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you in advance------------------------------------------

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          You should search this in previous threads. There are a lot of threads there in which similar questions has been answered.

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            Hello umer,

            last night it seems very tough to execute sample program of jcdk 2.2 but finally i make it, and i also i got the IDE - net beans that is very good for java card...
            I think i should share my knowledge here for next novice people...

            ----------------------------------------------------------------------------java card development require-------------------------------------------------------------
            Because here we use java for java card so we require
            1- java development kit (JDK) - use below link to get this.
            [get jdk here|http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/6u30-b12/jdk-6u30-windows-i586.exe]

            2- Java card require java card development kit (JCDK) I think java card version 3 is latest but i used jcdk 2.2.1
            [get jcdk here|http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/java_card_kit/2.2_01/java_card_kit-2_2_01-win-gl.zip]

            now  i think this is enough to start java card development...
            follow below steps

            1- install jdk 6 in c:/java/jdk1.6

            2-keep jcdk in c:/java_card_kit-2_2

            3- open command prompt and run
            a)-set JC_HOME=c:\java_card_kit-2_2
            b)-set JAVA_HOME=c:\java/jdk1.6
            c)-set PATH=%JC_HOME%\bin;%PATH%

            4-there are some sample project in scdk, if you want to get confidence , u should run one of them..
            run command- jcwde jcwde.app { jcwde is a simulator where u check what u made }
            and run this command in another command prompt- apdutool -nobanner -noatr demo1.scr > demo1.scr.jcwde.out
            You can get detail of 3 and 4 step from cJDK_Users_Guide.pdf which is present in jcdk.

            ------------------------this  is all which u need to do to get confidence in java card, but dont be over confident because in reality "the ball is not in your court yet"

            Note- if you are searching which java IDE is best for java card development then
            [click here- this is one of the best ide for java card|http://dlc.sun.com.edgesuite.net/netbeans/7.1/final/bundles/netbeans-7.1-ml-windows.exe]

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            • 3. java_card_kit-2.2.1 on Linux
              Do you have a valid link for java_card_kit-2.2.1 on Linux ?

              (The one in the download section is broken and I did not found a way to report that to Oracle.)
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                That link has be broken for quite some time. I am not aware of any other link.

                - Shane