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    HFM Copy data

      We have a process that runs in our daily batch cycle that uses the copy data functionality to copy data from and actual scenario to a previous scenario. We are using the replace mode but if there is a value in the destination intersection and a null value in the source destination, the null value is not getting copied over. Has anyone experienced this before? We are using 9.3.1.
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          please be specific about exactly which "9.3.1" version of HFM you are using.

          at this time the minimum service pack level should be and most 9.3.x systems should be migrated to 9.3.3 minor release by now.

          also you should note that Premier Support for 9.3.x releases has now ended.

          the version may affect the answer to your question.
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            Thanks for the reply. We are on We are just getting ready to kickoff a project to upgrade to V11 and will do so within the year, so we will not be upgrading to 9.3.3.