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    Can not use web connect to Manager Server console

      I want install Database firewall and Database firewall Manager Server on one Server.
      Oracle Doc Said:The Database Firewall installation process also creates an Oracle Database Firewall Management Server on that server.
      I install AS:
      Insert :dbfw-installer-disc1-multi-5.1-220.iso,reboot Server
      Insert :Oracle Linux DVD,and do
      Insert :dbfw-installer-disc2-5.1-220.iso
      Insert :dbfw-oracle-database-disc3-5.1-
      Insert :dbfw-installer-disc1-multi-5.1-220.iso
      Some of :give root passwd,support passwd,sys passpw,IP update ...
      Question: After update IP,not prompt "ACCEPT" or "BACK"
      But :I use https://IP/user/login
      can login
      AS:"Oracle Database Firewall Administration Console"
      Doc said:
      Step 1A: Specify the Management Server System Settings
      System settings consist of network and services configuration as shown in the following procedures.

      To configure the Management Server network settings:

      Log in to the Management Server Administration Console.

      See "Logging in to the Administration Console" for more information.

      Logging in to the Administration Console
      To log in to the Administration Console:

      Open a Web browser from any computer that has network access to Oracle Database Firewall.

      Enter the following URL:

      The Oracle Database Firewall Manager Server Administrator Console URL same as Oracle Database Firewall Administration Console???

      How can login Manager Server Administrator Console????
      without Administrator Console ,I can not Enable remote monitor,And can not get remote SQL traffic.

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          From your description what you installed is a Oracle Database Firewall. It can operate stand-alone or can be also used with Oracle Database Firewall Management Server (which you would need to install separately). When operating as stand-alone, Oracle Database Firewall has necessary functionality (of Management Server) seamlessly integrated into its Administration Console.

          In short: Oracle Database Firewall Administration Console is what you should be using to configure your Database Firewall. Management Server is a separate installation on a separate hardware.
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            I kown Manager Server installed with Database firewall,the Manager Server is weak.I just need the Manager Server can enable remote monitor agent.Without Manager Server I not found enable remote monitor agent on the Database Firewall,The Database firewall has only local monitor agent ,can monitor max 80 DB.
            I want test the Database Firewall.My Env has only one Server.I plan:
            First: Install Database firewall,As doc said,After install database firewall,the manager server installed.(But I not found)
            Second: The Server has two network interface.one for console and login,one used for switcher mirror port(out-line monitor)
            Third:I use manager server enable remote monitor agent,and remote monitor agent monitor mirror port SQL traffic.
            Question: As the doc said ,I can not login manager server console.
            Or how to install, Database firewall and Manager Server in one Server.
            The install step,not tell to choose (alone Database firewall, Database firewall & Manager Server)