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    Help!my application can not load oci.dll

      i have a server with windows 2003 enterprise sp2, oracle 10g was installed on it.now i want to run a .net application,but it's not working,cause oci.dll can not be loaded. then i installed PL/SQL and instant client 11g. but still not working. the error is :"initialization is error, can not load oci.dll.....returned 0". also,i wroted a small application to load oci with win32 api(LoadLibrary) and returned 0 too.
      I'm sure there are no 32bit,64bit things. from os to application,32bit was checked. and i changed server but same os ,same oracle, after application and instant client installed,same problems got. so i'm think about is there any conflicts when oracle 10g and odac/instant client work together