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    Implementing X509 installed in web server for service deployed in weblogic

      I need some advise on what I am doing is the right way of implementing one way x509 certificate.

      1.JWS file is created using wsdlc ant task and deployed in weblogic 10.3.0 with no security policy annotations.
      2.Installed Verisign certificate in Sun One Java server and enabled SSL and added some configurations to redirect webservices request to weblogic server
      3.Created client and added -Djavax.net.debug=all as VM argument and verified the Sun One Java server verisign certificate details in the logs.

      So far there is no issue but today I was reading about security policy file and I don’t know whether I am missing that in the webservice class or not. But because I can verify the certificate data from webserver I am thinking x509 certificate is installed and my webservice is using that certificate. Am I right?

      Can someone point out if I am missing something and let me know the details on the same? Thanks