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    error in RCU to create DEV_BIPLATFORM and DEV_MDS

      Hello expert

      am kind of new with OBIEE and RCU , and i make many problem on it ..

      1- i install OBIEE Simple and Enterprise install
      2- it start to work very good but i restart my laptop and then some corruption with the 2 install happen and nothing couldn't open (( middleware console - OBIEE analytics and dashboards ))
      3- what i did to solve this issue , remove the simple install and i remove the weblogic but it didn't work
      4- then i decide to remove the enterprise install and the the anther weblogic .. but still it didn't work .. (( now in my laptop there only BI administration tool and the oracle JRokict ))

      1- when i try to create DEV_PLATFORM and DEV_MDS by RCU , i get error *(( RCU 6083 failed check prerequisites requirement for selected component BIPLATFORM ))*.. i guess there no BIPLATFORM repository .

      how i can solve it .. Please Please Please am trainee in some company and this is my chance to proved my worth and get the job ..

      am waiting :(

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