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    Call database procedure with boolean out paramete

      i am working on an application that has to call (with an database procedure class) a stored database procedure that return an PL/SQL boolean parameter. When i try to define the procedure i get an unsupported type error. I found that boolean type are not registered in the method:
        private static final Map<String, ParamType> PARAM_TYPES = new HashMap<String, ParamType>();
           registerCustomParamType("VARCHAR2", Types.VARCHAR, null, null);
           registerCustomParamType("NUMBER", Types.NUMERIC, Number.getORADataFactory(), null);
           registerCustomParamType("DATE", Types.DATE, Date.getORADataFactory(), null);
           registerCustomParamType("INTEGER", Types.INTEGER, Number.getORADataFactory(), null);
           registerCustomParamType("CLOB", Types.CLOB, new ClobDomainFactory(), null);
      First i though that the problem will be solved if I add another row
      registerCustomParamType(name, sqlTypeCode, dataFactory, typeName);
      for boolean name, but the problem is that as i know boolean in not sql type.

      Is there a solution, because the procedure is used in an Forms application too that i prefer not to edit.

      Regards, Dejan

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