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    Depends on -->model-inputtextlov field  is not work correctly

    Farshid Zarinara
      JDeveloper Studio Edition Version

      I have four tables below

      1-Airlines ( Master ) Pk=AirlineId
      2-Airlines Tickets ( Detail ) Pk=AirlineId,TicketId Fk=AirlineId

      3-Passengers ( Master ) Pk=PassengerId
      4-Passengers Tickets ( Detail ) Pk=PassengerId,TicketRow Fk1=PassengerId Fk2=AirlineId,TicketId

      I have Model-inputtextlov on the TicketId field of Passengers Ticket and the AirlineId field is depends on TicketId field
      but when the slected TicketId is same ( When i want update ) is not work correctly

      for example:I've created a record and I want to update TicketId
      when i want change the passengers ticket and update that, TicketId may be the same
      In this case .The problem is-----> Related field ( AirlineId ) Does not change
      Because the TicketId has not changed, but the entire ticket has changed. ( a ticket with same TicketId from another Airline )

      Please help me


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