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    PredefinedTheme and label display in ADF

      I have a label associated with the geometric theme in mapbuilder. I am using ADF application to view the map on the browser using the map component. Inside the dvT:map i use the dvt:predefinedTheme to show the geometric theme. However, I am not able to render the label associated with the geometry theme.

      My geometry theme GEOM_RURAL_LIVE in mapbuilder is as below

      <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
      <styling_rules caching="NONE">
      <field column="CALLSIGN" name="Callsign"/>
      <field column="VEHICLE_NBR" name="Number"/>
      <field column="GPS_SPEED" name="GPS_Speed"/>
      <field column="STATUS" name="Status"/>
      <field column="VEHICLETYPE" name="Vehicle Type"/>
      <field column="GPSTIME" name="GPS Time"/>
      <rule column="COL1">
      <features style="V.AV_ALL_AMB_ROTATION"> </features>
      *<label column="CALLSIGN" style="T.AV_VEHICLE"> 1 </label>*

      my ADF application is as below

      <dvt:map id="map" startingX="145.26"
      baseMapName="GIS_DATA.AV" mapZoom="1"
      startingY="-3.88" unit="METERS" srid="483"
      inlineStyle="width:100%; height:100%; border-color:transparent;">
      <dvt:predefinedTheme id="geoTh3"
      shortLabel="Rural Live"
      menuLabel="Rural ive"/>

      How do I display the label, in ADF. Please suggest.