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    autoSubmit resetting field values

    Stephen J.
      JDev, JHS

      The following problem occurs on multiple pages in 2 different applications. It occurs across multiple deployment platforms (prod/test/dev/jdev) and in multiple browsers (IE/FF/Chrome). And it happens on new records or when editing existing records. It does not happen when I create a simple ADF page (no JHS, just following ADF cue cards). It also doesn't seem to occur when I build a simple JHS app with just 1 table-form group.

      I have multiple forms with fields using the popup editor field type. These fields have autoSubmit turned on (presumably to make sure the popup window will contain any updates made to the base field). When the first autoSubmit fires any changes you've made to other fields get reset to the initial values.

      Simplified Example:
      I have a form with 5 text fields. Fields 1, 2 and 5 are just plain textInput. Fields 3 and 4 are textInput with the popup editor option (editor display type in JHS def editor), and they have autoSubmit on (this is set by the JHS templates). I open a record for editing and make changes to fields 1 and 2. Then I make changes to field 3. As soon as I tab or click out of field 3 it autoSubmits the changes (mouse pointer shows little circle activity icon) and the changes I made to fields 1 and 2 are reset back to the initial queried values. I re-apply my changes to fields 1 and 2, then make changes to field 4. When I click or tab out of field 4 it autoSubmits again, but the updates to other fields are not reset this time.

      I have found references on the forums and the Oracle support knowledge base to people having other issues around the autoSubmit option, but not this specific issue, and some of the issues were specific to JDev 10.