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    Using UMS on a Glassfish cluster - how to support session replication ?


      I have deployed the imqums.war in a Glassfish cluster but can not use the session replication.

      The UMS uses sid as client session identifier. If the client session is is created on node 1, when the call hits the node 2 it gets:

      com.sun.messaging.ums.service.UMSServiceException: javax.jms.JMSException: sid is not authenticated. Use login to get a new sid, expired/invalid sid=4-LTE2NTA5ODMzMTU=
      at com.sun.messaging.ums.service.ClientPool.getClient(ClientPool.java:157)
      at com.sun.messaging.ums.service.SendServiceImpl.commit(SendServiceImpl.java:244)
      at com.sun.messaging.ums.service.UMSServiceImpl.commit(UMSServiceImpl.java:234)
      at com.sun.messaging.ums.core.UMSServlet.doSimpleMessaging(UMSServlet.java:786)
      at com.sun.messaging.ums.core.UMSServlet.doPost(UMSServlet.java:633)

      Can you provide advise how to obtain session replication for UMS calls ?

      Thank you,