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    HFM Taskflows Extended Analytics to File action not saving the file

      Hello All,

      I am trying to create a task flow in HFM that will extract data from HFM and save it to a flat file on our FDM server.

      I have created a task flow with the "Extended Analytics to File" action and the following parameters:

      Data File --> Textbox --> \\usilap538\FDMData\HFMData.DAT (This is the FDM server)
      Log File --> Textbox --> \\usilap538\FDMData\HFMData.LOG
      Extract Type --> Picklist --> Flat File No Header
      Exclude Dynamic Accounts --> Picklist --> True
      POV --> Url --> S#Actual.Y#2012.P#Jan.w#Periodic.E{World.[Base]}.V#<Entity Curr Adjs>.A{INCOME_STATEMENT.[Base]}.I{[ICP Top].[Base]}.C1#CONSOL_ADJ.C2{All_Profit_Centers.[Base]}.C3{All_Functional_Areas.[Base]}.C4#[None]

      When I run this task flow the task completes without error but the file is not saved out to the server.

      FYI, when I created a taskflow with the "Extract Data" action and use the same FDM server location the file is created without issue. Why would this work with Extract Data and not with Extended Analytics to File?

      -Mike Lau