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    OraAspNetConString is empty..?

      I have installed 3.6.1 UPK version on Windows 32 bit. 2003 Server with Oracle 11.2 database.

      Issue is:
      when I go to:

      http://hostname.us.oracle.com/ODSContent ....error page comes up.
      I checked IIS and website is running.

      I checked ASP.NEt extensions and it looks like Oracle DB connect is not set up...

      any ideas on syntax to use?
      This is a new install and when i did the install, no errors came up, I provided Oracle DB credentials and still errors...
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          The error you are receiving - is it error 403? If so, then this is normal.
          Check the virtual directory that is allocated to your website under the ODSContent site, pop a simple HTML page in there, and see if you can view that HTML page from the web browser.
          Remember that you must replace 'localhost' with your server name and ensure that you are navigating to the correct "virtual folder" under ODSContent.

          Im not too sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but maybe something that will help?

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