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    maximize CPU usage

      Windows Server 2008 R2 standard with 24 cores (Intel Xeon CPU X5675; 2 physical processors)
      Weblogic 10.3.2
      Sun jdk 160_020


      I'd like to know whether they are any possibility to maximize CPU usage for a weblogic instance?

      Currently we have a windows server whit 24 cores dedicated to one Weblogic managed server.
      Our application faced bottlenecks the last 2 days for an hour.

      Looking at system metrics, CPU usage is not higher than 15%
      Looking at CPU usage for my weblogic instance, it's not highr than 5%

      Now If I look at some Weblo metrics:
      Default Thread Pool increased to 400 while number of idle thread was close to 0
      Number of pending user requests increased dramatically in correlation with the number of hogging threads while the throughput was quite stable.

      Therefore I'm wondering whether there's any CPU usage limitation or how to maximize CPU usage?
      I believe the slowness is due to the application, nevertheless I just want to make sure there isn't any weblogic setting that could optimize the throughput.

      Thanks for you advices.