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    ScaLAPACK in sunperf

      I don't know why ScaLAPACK was removed from 12.3. It is very important library for linux cluster.

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          Thanks for your comment. Would you please say more about the use cases for the libsunperf ScaLAPACK on Linux clusters? We have not been aware of any (significant) usage of ScaLAPACK in libsunperf, especially on Linux.
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            Some sparse solvers, like MUMPS, call ScaLAPACK routines. That sparse solver package
            is widely used. Thus, it will be good to keep ScaLAPACK in libsunperf. OpenMPI is
            not necessary, users could compile the newest one using Studio. Othwise, I
            have to download open source ScaLAPACK 2.0.1 from netlib or use MKL instead.
            I prefer libsunperf to open source ScaLAPACK (performance) and MKL (license).

            By the way, I think Solaris Studio is the best Fortran compiler for X86 system according
            to my personal experience. You guys maybe be interested in the paper below, which
            also claimed that Solaris Studio is the best compiler for X86 sytems.

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              Thanks for the positive feedback about Studio Fortran!

              I believe that almost all the performance improvement that you saw with libsuperf ScaLAPACK was due to the tuning of libsunperf BLAS. If you use the netlib ScaLAPACK but arrange to link with libsunperf for the LAPACK functions then you should get this benefit. I realize that this is an incovenience, which is regrettable.