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    Oracle Instant Client

      I've done several web apps connecting to oracle using .Net and the OracleClient. When getting a connection it works fine going through the regular Oracle client which uses the tnsnames.ora file. I'm now working on a ASP.Net site that was created in Visual Studio using New/Web Site rather than creating the solution and deploying. Oracle client 11g is installed on this server.
      I tried my usual way of connecting to the oracle using "myConn = new OracleConnection(@"User Id=""user""; Password=""mypass"";Data source=MyConn;");", but I'm getting no listener (even though I know the listener is up). I did a test and built the tnsnames string (host, port, sid etc...) in the code behind and made the call and it worked.
      I'm stumped as to why my usual way of connecting didn't work and creating the tnsnames entry string and connecting did?