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    Multi-level linking between VOs

      I am a ADF-Jdeveloper newbie. I am trying to develop a shopping cart based on the following tables.
      I have 4 tables-
      ItemTable which contains the name and the category to which an item belongs,
      categoryAttributes which consists of the attributes which are valid for a particular item category(attribute id) ,
      itemAttributes which consists of the following- Item id-i.e. the id of item, attribute id-which is taken from categoryAttributes, attribute value-which has to be filled by the user. And
      Lookupvalue table which has the lookup value id and lookup values.

      The lookupvalue id is attribute id.

      I need to create a UI where the itemAttr table is shown
      In this table,I need to show the item id-which should be taken from the item table,
      attribute id-has to be taken from the categoryAttributes table only since it contains the ids specific to the category.The values for these ids have to
      be displayed from the lookup value table.

      I have created a parent child relationship between Item and Category Attributes & Category Attributes and Item attributes.
      If i drag the child of category attributes,only category specific attributes are displayed. and if i drag the child of Item,only item id is copied.
      How can I implement this 3 table linking where both item id and attribute id can be taken from the parent and the grandparent?

      Any help will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Chaya Bhandari
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          Subramanian Meyyappan
          am not sure am understood your post fully.

          here an example goes:
          first create association between table1 - id - table2 - id and make table2 - id - table 3- id

          go to the association give right click on the association. and choose viewlink. and in that created viewlink1

          match table1-assoc - table2-assoc and create view link 2 match table2-assoc - table3-assoc. those things.

          and atlast based on the viewlink datacontrol are exposed.

          drag and drop to the new ly created datacontrol as you want.

          sorry for late editing
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            I tried this way but it doesnt seem to work. The value is being passed from immediate parent. However, the child is not able to get the value from the parent of parent.
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              Subramanian Meyyappan
              sometimes i h'd this problem.

              atlast where i did my mistake. there is no matching records

              bychance it happens for you also

                employeeid  employeedesc
                      100        xyz
                        deptid empid deptdesc
                         5000     101     ccc
                             managerid, mangerdesc     
                                  999          LLL
              no matching peform with one another . so it may happens

              if like this means
                employeeid  employeedesc
                      100        xyz
                        deptid empid deptdesc
                         5000     100     ccc
                             managerid, mangerdesc     
                                 100          LLL
              you can get the mutilevel
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                Thanks for your replies. It works.