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    Published content as SCORM 1.3 (2004) - view Table of Contents?

      I've published some UPK content (A module containing 13 topics) created in 3.6.1 as SCORM 1.3 (2004).

      I have zipped up the content in the Publishing Content > LMS folder so that the imsmanifest file is in the root of the .zip. I have uploaded this file into an LMS (Activate LMS) but when I then launch the content from the LMS I do not see the TOC page and can only complete the first topic in the module. When I complete this Topic I can't then exit it (apart from closing the entire window) and this then doesn't update the module as being started.

      The URL that the LMS is loading points only to the topic that does load.

      Why is this and how can I configure the content so that the LMS points to the TOC page and not just a single topic.