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    UPK 11.0 Publishing for SABA LMS


      I am using UPK 11.0 to publish for SABA LMS. I choose to automatically create the zip file and I am having an issue when I upload this zip file as SCORM 1.2 version.

      The file uploads successfully but when i launch the course, all I see is one simulation with enabled modes. I am not able to view the entire list of simulations that I published.

      Please help me figure out if I am missing something.

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          11.0 is funny with the LMS. You have to unzip the file to your LMS server then import only the 1.2 .xml manifest file not the entire zip file. It will then import into the LMS. you will need to add the start page prefix which would be your server path and rename the files after import because it gives it a long weird name.