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    Mixed Content Warning - Both secure and Non secure items

      Recently we have upgraded to 8.51.14 from 8.49. 8.51.14 is not supported by oracle for Internet Explorer 6. But still a portion of our client uses IE 6.

      The issue is - In alll pages we are getting a Security Warning in IE 6. +'This page contains both Secure and Non secure item?'+ This is highly annoying for the user.

      On googling we found that when http images, css, js files delivered over http may result in this warning. Also iframe with about:blank source can cause this issue. We tried removing all the http content in our https application. But when we analysed with fiddler we found no http reference. But still the warning persists.

      We suspect this could be due to Iframe 'popupFrame' with src attribute as about:blank.
      <iframe src="about:blank" name="popupFrame" id="popupFrame" frameborder="no" >

      This iframe src is set properly in 8.50 toolset. The src attribute points to current component url like ../../RC_CASE.RC_CASE_GBL. This not the case with 8.51.
      when we raised SR with oracle, the response is that they cant comment or suggest about IE 6 compatibiliyty.

      Can somebody throw light on this. Is this warning because of iframe. How could we resolve this issue?