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    M4000 vga issues

      Hello friends,
      After spending three days trying to get my M4000 server give display to an regular lcd monitor i just read a few posts here that it is not possible. I want to know what other ways are possible to manage the server ... i have already done the initial configurations using xscf and i am able to connect with telnet and ssh ... but i would still like to access it through a webpage ... can any one tell me the commands or steps to configure and use it through a web browser ... and also what is the difference between xscf and ilom
      Thank you
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          From XSCF, run shownetwork and see if XSCF network is configured. If not, run setnetwork and pass required details.

          Then, run showhttps to see whether https service to connect from webpage. If not run sethttps and complete the configuration. Reset XSCF to complete the configuration and connect from webpage.
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            For the M series machine, XSCF can never be display via a external display card.

            However you can still configure the VGA card to output Solaris X windows upon successful boot, but you would then need to purchase a third party usb card for keyboard and mouse. But with the limited numbers of pcie slots, this might not be very practical.