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    SUN 7410 ZFS storage query

      We are using SUN 7410 ZFS storage for Virtualization.

      We are using it as NAS storage and its giving us good performance However It has SAN functionality too.

      It would be good to know whether we can use it as SAN storage.

      Have few queries before using it as a SAN
      1) Will it perform faster than NAS ?
      2) Will it use SSDs of JBOD/Cache Disk of Controller for faster read/write?
      3) apart from using it as a NAS/SAN Storage,Is there any other way of getting fast Performance(like replacing all Harddisks with SSDs or using iSCSI )? .
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          1) It would certainly be faster as it does not have large ethernet/tcpip overheads.
          2) LUNs can be created on the same pool as your existing NAS shares.
          3) You can test out with iSCSI, but performance wise it would be very close to your existing NAS. You might want to try to LACP a couple of network ports dedicated to iSCSI.