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    VS2010 Dataset wizard problem when upgrading to ODAC


      I'm having problems with Visual Studio 2010 when I update my current ODAC ( to the newest version.

      I use a lot of Reports (.rdlc) which have datasets that get their data from stored procedures, usually procedure returns a cursor.
      If I upgrade to the newest ODAC with VS Tools the dataset creation wizard cannot fetch the columns that the returned cursor has. I have tested this with following sequence:
      - Create new "Reports Application" project
      - Click through the wizard and select a procedure which returns a cursor
      - When I click "Finish" on the "Data Soure Configuration Wizard" it does something and then returns to "Report Wizard"-window
      - The problem is that "Datasource"- and "Available Datasets"-dropdown are empty. With the older version of VS Tools I can select my DataSet and see the columns in the "Fields" table

      If I install the new version I can use the Entity Framework but it breaks the Dataset creation. One thing I noticed with the new version of ODAC is that if I try to map a procedure to a function I cannot resolve the columns using "Get Columns" button. It always says that procedure doesn't return columns.

      My configuration is:
      Windows 7 64bit
      Visual Studio 2010 Professional (SP1)
      Oracle Database Client 11.2 installed in first Oracle home (client_1)
      ODAC installed in second Oracle home (client_2)
      Oracle Database 11g XE

      Thanks in advance,