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    Expired Oracle license.

      Hi Group,

      We have started managing a database Oracle on linux whose owners haven't updated their license two years ago, and I have some questions about this. I know that here is not the right forum to this question but I'd like to know if someone here has had this experience.

      1.- What we loose from Oracle Support in this scenario.?

      2.- If a severety 01 incident that requires Oracle Support is needed, Oracle help us?.

      3.- Could this database be upgraded to early versions?.

      4.- Could we support this database using our CSI on behalf of the customer.

      Thanks a lot
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          1. The Support
          2. No
          3. Version has little to do with license
          4. No

          The customer is violating federal rules. If audited by Oracle, they can be heavily fined.
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            Do they have a "term" license or perpetual? Do you mean to say that they did not renew Support i.e. SULS?
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              Yes, they haven't renew the support.
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                Hemant K Chitale
                Oracle would likely ask for payment of a reinstatement fee before support is reinstated. Only a valid support contract allows you to
                a. Request support
                b. Request and receive a software update (a patch or an upgrade)

                However, you should see the offficial document :
                Oracle Software Technical Support Policy from http://www.oracle.com/us/support/policies/index.html
                which is : http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/057419.pdf

                Hemant K Chitale
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                  Hi Hemant, thank u for the information. Sorry for reopening an old thread. I would like to know whether we can renew our support contract immediately if any disaster happens. Will I get support from oracle in that case? Or is there any low cost support with limited services?
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                    Last time I looked, annual support cost is 22% of the initial non-discounted licence cost. and its back dated for the years you werent paying it.

                    theres no low cost option. its the 22% or nothing.

                    when you dont pay the licence the account gets marked as 'expired'.

                    you get fined for renewing an 'expired' licence and bringing it back into support. Ive read 50% of annual renewal. The really bad bit is that you may not be able to bring it back into support if the account is marked as 'terminated' ie, If its long enough out of support, you may have purchase from new. Talk nice to your friendly oracle rep and see what can happen. He'll be absolutely thrilled and delighted to talk to you.