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    2TB to 3TB disks

      We are looking at options to migrate our existing Exadata infrastructure (2 X2 Full racks) that house 2TB high capacity disks to the newer 3TB disks.

      Please let us know if there are any documentation on Oracle supported method to upgrade from 2TB to 3TB disks.

      An outrageous idea analogous to hot disk swaps: Please let us know if it is possible to take out a cell server with the 2TB disks and plug in another (newer) cell server with 3TB disks.

      Jecca Narasimhan
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          I don't believe that Oracle is replacing 2TB drives with 3TB drives unless you purchase new storage servers or a new Exadata rack. If you've heard otherwise, I'd love to know. If you were to replace your storage servers with new ones, theoretically, you'd just add them to your diskgroup, rebalance, and drop the old cells.