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    Cube Viewer Error

      I am working in Oracle9i Release 2. When I tried to view a Cube using Cube Viewer and error generated without error. It also stop the Oracle Database Instance Service. Can anybody guide me, where is the problem.
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          hye! i had the some problem... did not solve it! but i skiped this step... all i know is that if you want to make cube viewer to work you need to create some views. but if you we'll you the cubes in jdev&bi beans you can see there all the information you need. and also you must be very carefull how yo create the dimensions & cubes (have you applied any patch??? i used the patch and all the primary key must be varchar and not number!!!!).. and the if you run bicheckconfig and if it runs ok... than that's it... you can go to jdev bi section and you can see there everything you need...
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            Thanks, It will help me a lot.