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    Upgrade for Sun Ultra 60 without DVD--Act II?

      29 January 2012

      As I previously marked the original version of this question as Answered, let me return to it in a new thread. I have a Sun Ultra 60 Workstation running Solaris 9, and I wish to upgrade it to Solaris 10 (8/11 version). It will not take Solaris 11. But Solaris 10 only comes as a 2GB .iso image suitable for DVD, not CD. This machine has no DVD burner or reader.

      User abrante (Magnus) suggested using lofiadd -a to interpret the .iso file as a logical device, mount the logical device on the system, then use Live Upgrade to create a Solaris 10 boot environment from the image. This all works, except for the last step. I can mount the .iso image as an ordinary file system, and browse through it in the usual way. I was able to load the Live Upgrade software via pkgadd. I was even able to run the Installer executable on the image, direct from the command line. This installed the Live Upgrade software again, but would not install anything else. And the kicker--the Live Upgrade software would not recognize the interpreted image as a Boot Environment. For that matter, it would not recognize the original boot environment on the system as a boot environment. For example:

      unknown# lucurr
      ERROR: No boot environments are configured on this system
      ERROR: cannot determine boot environment name for mount point </>
      unknown# lustatus
      ERROR: No boot environments are configured on this system
      ERROR: cannot determine list of all boot environment names

      This is rather odd, as the system does boot to a working Solaris 9 system. Trying to use the .iso image--mounted on /mnt--as a source for lucreate gets

      ERROR: source bot environment </mnt> does not exist.
      ERROR: cannot create new boot environment using options provided.

      OK, so what's the missing trick? How do I get the Live Upgrade software to recognize boot environments, and in particular how do I get it to recognize the .iso image interpreted by lofi?

      Many thanks for your further assistance.

      Ian H. Redmount
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          I don't remember that much Solaris 9 specifics these days, but perhaps you have to create an initial boot environment in Solaris 9..

          Does the phase two in this document help?


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            1 February 2012

            Dear Mr. Magnus,

            Thank you for your response to my new query on this matter. Mr. Ellison's instructions are clear, and virtually identical to those in an Oracle White Paper, ``How to Upgrade and Patch with Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade,'' dated May 2010. Unfortunately, both documents assume the live upgrade commands are working; in this case they are not. All the literature indicates that the Live Upgrade software requires patches described in InfoDoc 206844, both document and patches formerly available from the SunSolve website. Now both are apparently concealed behind the My Oracle Support page, inaccessible to me. Is there any way to get access to the InfoDoc and the patches? Or is there another way to get the Live Update commands to run?

            Many thanks again for your assistance.

            Ian H. Redmount
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              Hello, Ian.

              I am a happy owner of the old decent Ultra 10, the junior sibling of your Ultra 60. I faced the same problem with Solaris 11 11/11
              Error: 'SUNW, UltraSPARC-IIi' is not supported by this release of Solaris.
              And I have a couple of solutions for you.

                1.  Buy a DVD drive :). I confirm that at least Solaris 10 update 7 installs from DVD and then runs on Ultra 10 flawlessly (I didnt' try current update 10). The only trick is: discard regular Ultra's 40-wire IDE cable, replace it with modern 80-wire one.

                2.  Download Solaris 11 Express (2010/11). I confirm it installs and runs on Ultra 10 flawlessly. Yes, it is n/a on the Oracle web site, but still easily available in torrent networks. Search for "Solaris 11 Express 2010.11", and you will find many torrents. You need "sol-11-exp-201011-text-sparc.iso" (452M) CD image. I believe that downloading Solaris 11 Express is legal.

              One more thing - sometimes installer forgets to write a boot block on boot disk, and you may need to run installboot manually after installation.

              Konstantin Andreev.